A Russian-born pianist, Maria Sourjko studied in Petrozavodsk State Conservatoire. After immigrating to Canada, Ms. Sourjko continued her studies with Jean Desmarais and Jean Saulnier. She also participated in masterclasses given by Richard Raymond, André Laplante, Monique Deschaussées, Jean Paul Sevilla, Jean Philippe Collard, Tatiana Kravchenko and Viktor Portnoi.

Maria Sourjko has appeared as a guest soloist in numerous recitals, including performances with Kanata Symphony Orchestra and in CBC Radio and Radio-Canada series that were broadcast locally and nationally. She is a recipient of the 2006 Marusia Yaworska Graduate Studies Scholarship. Maria pursues her Doctoral Studies at the University of Montreal, with Professor Jean Saulnier. She is married and has two children.


Please email me MARIA_SOURJKO@HOTMAIL.COM or call me at 514 219.2700 to schedule your piano lesson.